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General Information

Posters. The poster size A0 fits best to accommodate on the poster stands.

• Badge. You are asked to wear your badge at all times, inside the EMCSC as well as outside, especially at restaurants, during excursions, social events, and shopping.

• Restaurants. Meals are free at a few selected restaurants – you just have to show your badge and sign a list provided by the restaurant. Beverages and dishes not included in the EMCSC menu should be paid for as “extras”. An updated restaurant list will be given to you with the registration folder. If you need a special menu (vegetarian, kosher, etc.), you shall negotiate directly with the restaurant (the EMSCS staff will be glad to offer their assistance).

• Smoking is forbidden inside all the facilities of the EMCSC (San Rocco, San Domenico, San Francesco), including the rooms.

• Dress. Erice is located about 800 m above sea level, on top of a mountain next to the sea. In the fall evenings in Erice may be cold and, occasionally, foggy or/and windy. Pack extra warm clothing and good jogging/walking shoes (recommended on occasion of most excursions as well as to walk on the Erice slippery pavements). No formal dress is requested in any social event, banquet included.

• Shopping. Celebrated wines, cookies, ceramics, coral jewels and other Erice souvenirs may be purchased in some (not all) shops with a 10% discount (just show the EMCSC badge).

• Music. EMCSC facilities host two old (occasionally in tune) pianos. Participants playing portable instruments are encouraged to bring them along (with the scores). Classic or folk music sessions are often organized in San Rocco, especially after some glasses of Marsala wine.

• Technical facilities. Moderate xerox-copying is free. A limited number of PC’s and internet terminals are available to participants. The EMCSC is equipped with power-point/pdf projector facilities.

EMCSC Personnel. The EMCSC relies on local staff, reduced in number but extremely efficient, ready to solve all difficult problems which may arise (travel ticket & reservation changes, PC facilities, visa, medical care, police, etc.). The reference person is Mr. Pino Aceto. For all technicalities concerning the workshop, there is a School Secretariat office at San Rocco next to the Marsala Room.

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